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  • 13-02-2016
  • Interior design career
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Career in Interior Designing

Space for residential and commercial places is shrinking due to rapid urbanisation. This anomalous situation calls for professional help to make the living and working space more comfortable, beautiful and practical. Earlier, it was the task of an architect to do the entire exteriors along with the interiors of a house, office or any other functionally useful edifice. Now-a-days people have become more and more particular about the designs and the layout of the living or working area. This has led to an increasing requirement for professionals in interior designing.
As an interior designer, you will be trained to design exclusive furniture artefacts and fittings besides learning managerial skills. With the help of a course in interior designing, you will come out with a professional designing solution that is efficient, eye-catching and at the same time safe.
The basic job of an interior designer is to make optimal utilisation of available space. Further, you have to make the space more functional and in accordance with the taste and budget of the client. Besides visualising and conceptualising the designs for new structures, interior designers also plan the interiors of existing structures that are undergoing renovation or extension. Step-by-Step
The popularity of interior designing as a discipline is not confined to urban cities but it has rapidly spread to small town and cities across the nation. This is largely because of the changing lifestyle of people and their want to customise their residence with the help of an expert who can understand their taste and preference. Numerous reputed institutions all over India are offering study programs in interior designing. The basic qualification to get into most of these programs is a 10+2. Moreover, you will also have to get through an entrance examination that judges your drawing and design skills. It is advisable to prepare a portfolio of your creative work and display it at the time of admission to these study programs. Architecture and design colleges generally offer study programs in interior designing. Most of these are diploma programs. You can also pursue an interior design course from a polytechnic or a private institution that provides specialisation in a particular area of interior designing. Furthermore, entry into this profession is also possible through other areas of study such as graduation in architecture, fine arts, design, environment planning or a post-graduate program in a similar field. Specialisation in a particular area of interior designing can be done depending on your choice. For example; you can excel in business design, residential design or landscape designing. You can further gain expertise for yourself in particular area of a building such as bedrooms, kitchens or baths. There is enormous demand for qualified interior designers in India. So to be professionally qualified from a reputed institution is a must. With professional qualification comes the assurance of a good job. And with adequate experience, you can start your own interior decoration business. Start Early
The earliest you can start for a career in interior designing is 10+2. However, it is essential to have excellent drawing and designing skills to get into this job profile. Furthermore, if you have knowledge of decorative items, home improvement products and basics of architecture, then it becomes easier to follow this particular career path. Is it the Right Career for Me?
The key ingredient to be a successful interior designer is client satisfaction. In this context, all you need is creative thinking, excellent communication skills, originality, good listening capability and a keen interest in transforming a simple place to a beautiful one by adding extra zing to it. If you think you have it in you, then this is the right career for you. An understanding of fashion, cultural preferences and good management skills are also equally important aspects expected for a career in the interior designing business. A professional course helps you to develop and polish these traits. What would it Cost Me?
You can get into this profession at different levels of your academic life be it a 10+2 or a post-graduate program. However, most of the students generally opt for short and long term diploma courses. All these courses can cost you around Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000 roughly. Funding/Scholarship
Different institutions offer scholarships to students from the weaker sections of the society, children of defence personnel and physically challenged candidates on the basis of merit. Job Prospects
There is a scarcity of professional interior designers in our country. With more and more people willing to get their residence and working areas designed according to their taste, there has been a great demand for experienced interior designers. Employment prospects are plentiful and in various fields. Setting up your own business is also a very lucrative option in this industry. Pay Packet
Some features that affect the pay packet of an interior designer are regional differences, name, repute, experience and demand. For beginners the salary can be around Rs 10,000. For experienced professionals the monthly pay cheque can vary from Rs 30, 000 to Rs 75,000. After gaining some experience, you can start up your own business. Self-employment is very profitable as when you become an established interior designer you can ask for the moon. Demand and Supply
There is an imbalance between the demand and supply of professionals in this field. The demand for experienced interior designers is on a high in spite of the recent global economic slowdown that hit almost all sectors of the world economy. The increasing construction activity in urban areas and small towns has only added to the demand for these professionals. The demand for interior designers has surpassed the supply. Market Watch
Market for interior designing in India is all set to absorb new and aspiring talent. Due to the rising significance of interior design, this profession has become one of the best ever emergent fields in India. Job opportunities are immense in both private and public sector for a qualified interior designer. Large architectural firms, building contractors, hotels and resorts are constantly on a look out for eligible professionals in this field. International Focus
International markets are opening up for interior designers now. And if you are highly creative, have a good communication skills and advance knowledge in this field then you can also look to work with international firms. Positives/Negatives +ives The profession of interior designing is such that you can carry on consultancy activities independently with minimum investment. For hardworking people, name, fame and money is assured in this profession. There is a great probability to meet celebrities and well known people in your line of work. -ives Interior designing is a hectic and a very demanding profession. Many a times the working hours can become erratic and that too when deadlines are stiff. This profession involves both working at sites and in the office. You should be able to complete a task in a given time span with deadlines. Creativity is fine but you will have to do the needful for the client keeping their budget in mind. The initial years are really tough and you must not lose heart. You must not be disheartened by the fact that this profession has not yet received its due in the society. Different Roles, Different Names The different roles of interior designers are as follows: Teaching in a government or a private institute that offer courses in interior designing Being self-employed Employment in private or public sector firms Top Companies Work with top notch architects and architectural firms Work with renowned builders Hospitals and other medial facilities Town and city planning bureaus Hotels and health resorts Design studios and exhibition organisers Event management companies Innumerable public and private sector establishments Tips for Getting Hired It is advisable that you should have completed an internship or some sort of apprenticeship under the tutelage of an interior designer or a firm. You should acquire good knowledge of Auto CAD and other computer related programs which can help you give new dimensions to your career. Strong business skills, personal networking, as well as flair and perseverance are likely to impress prospective employers. Last, but not the least, it is essential to complete an interior designing course from a reputed institute.

  • 31-01-2016
  • Kitchen renovation, Kerala Kitchen, Renovation Kerala
  • Post By Manu Abraham

Before starting the renovation work for kitchen be sure about the following details and then proceed.
Always select top quality materials for drawer slides and hinges which help the doors to be remained closed properly and they will last for a long time. Always make sure not to use particleboard doors or stapled doors.
Always try to create cabinets that go to ceiling so that it is spacious as well as easy to store things and try to leave 15 to 18 inches from ceiling. Painting kitchen cabinet will be less expensive than buying new one and painting a good coat of paint make your kitchen cabinet more attractive and remove stains and grease.
There are many new products for making your counter top beautiful such as different types of marbles are available in market also counter top made up of good quality wood will have elegant look.
Always try to install an island in kitchen. Island is very helpful for good kitchen arrangement were you can add your cooking top or washing base can be fixed here.
Overdoing of all details may not match to your other parts of home. So always be sure to make a matching pattern for entire home.

  • 31-01-2016
  • coffee shop renovations, Interior Design
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Trendy Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are the place where people use to come in their free times to relax and sit peacefully, so if the coffee shops are attractive in look and provide best services, people will love to come back and sit. So the renovations of coffee shops with the latest trends and designs are necessary. To compete with thousands of other coffee shops is very difficult, for that the shop owners have to move forward along with the latest trends. As it is not necessary to follow a specific design or theme but the design and arrangement chosen should be comfortable for customers.
Theme Selection
One should select a theme that is apt for the purpose of shop. For coffee shop brown color theme was the trend in the past and the same is used now also, because brown is the color of coffee. There are other choices also which looks awesome.
Wall Decoration
The colors and designs provided to the wall is the main element that decides the beauty of the shop and make it attractive. The wall can be decorated with beautiful paintings and photographs as well as one can also hang small musical instruments etc.
The hanging lights and lamps with dim light looks beautiful. One can put different color lights and differently designed lamps. The lights should not be too bright which can irritate people it should be dim and calm so that people should feel relaxed. One can also use candles which will also look beautiful.
The furniture is the main thing for a coffee shop. It should be matching with the theme as well as it should be comfortable. Furniture should be well organized in order to make impression as well as to well utilize the space.

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  • Toilet renovations, Renovations in Kerala, Bathroom Renovations
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Are you planning for remodeling your toilet or bathroom? Before starting toilet renovation please go through following points it can help you to save your time and money.
Create a budget plan by deciding how much you want to spend and stick to it. It will be easy for you to select items such as tiles, fixtures etc and also you can decide what are the things need to be include in renovation by keeping budget in your mind.
Take the measurement of total space of your toilet or bathroom. So that while buying the fixtures and other items you can check the space it takes in your toilet. By this you can arrange space in your toilet to avoid congestion.
There is a sequence of work to be followed in renovation. The renovation can be any work such as removing the drywall or simply painting it should be started from ceiling then side walls and last floors. This can save your new items from damage.
Now you have to decide the design and styles for your toilet or bathroom so that it looks the best and what are the new types of tiles, fixtures you need. Also decide cabinets and storage for your toilets to store stuffs needed and it should be stylish too.
There are some complex tasks that we cannot handle by ourselves so we have to contact contractors. They can handle tasks such as plumbing, electrical etc easily and efficiently in this way we can save our time and work load.
Last but not the least full cleaning such as cabinetry, inside and out, ductwork, walls, floor, windows, and light fixtures can be done as a part of renovation by providing the work to cleaning services contractors.

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Interior design: Easy tips and tricks

We all know that if we like to do anything there is loads of confusion. How? From where? Like so many questions are triggered in our mind. We give you perfect answers how to make your interior space more lively and elegant that everyone has to inspired. Here are some of the tips that you can apply.
Colors can do magic; each color speaks about you. When we talk about living room; it is the space where we spend most of the time, this is the great place where we greet guest, so we must be very choosy when we select the color. Like that each room has its own identity.
Decorative Lighting
Lighting is one of the great elements of good interior design. It is essential for creating the mood and ambience of a living space. LED light is the latest trend in interior designing. LED lights are expensive, but if we think about energy saving it is the best option. It is the best energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting. Most interior designers opt LED lights to make space stylish and elegant. When we fix in the kitchen it shows a modern look. Like that we can fix underneath your floor-mounted units or wall mounted storage to get cool light ambience.
Furniture and decor accessories
It is hard to know where to put pretty things; Home decor should reflect the look and feel of the room, but if we not place things in proper it looks mess up. You must be keep in mind before we buy decor or planning to buy. It is important to understand your room space, some decors looks good in the shop but when we place it in our room its give odd feeling. It is better to buy decorative home accessories after you buy big furniture.

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